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Why Muslim women refuse to wear the hijab?

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Why Muslim women refuse to wear the hijab?

The following popular answers from Muslim women:
1. "I am not steady wear hijab"
2. "Faith is dihati, not on clothes"
3. "God has not given me guidance"
4. "It's hard in finding a partner"
5. "I still want to enjoy life, wear hijab later"
6. "I've been wearing the hijab (veil hijab bermodelkan)"

The following explanation is extracted from the Qur'an:
1. "I am not wearing the hijab steady, if my heart was set, God willing, I'll wear the hijab" Why people can not confidently assume her to wear the hijab? not yet clear if he was Muslim, he is obliged to carry out God's command. Muslims themselves means surrender, surrender of life and death to God And every time we make a pledge about it. Remember reading the prayer: "shallaatii Inna mahyaaya wa nusuukii wa wa mamaatii lillahi rabbil 'alaamiin". Indeed prayer, worship, life and death, only to Allah, Lord of the universe. We all believe, all that God commanded us, there must be for our own benefit. Well, now God ordered Muslim women to wear the veil, whether we are still not sure to run it, if we still have not established to carry out the commandments of God. Remember the Word of God: "O Prophet! Say to your wives wives, daughters and the believing women, that they closing their bodies with hijab, because that is more appropriate that they be recognized, and not molested. And Allah is Oft - More Forgiving, Most Merciful ". (Surat al-Ahzab: 59). And if God has sent to us, whether we are entitled to refuse. The Word of God: "And it is not proper for believing men and not (also) for women believers, when Allah and His Messenger have set a statute, there will be a choice for them (the other) about their affair. And whosoever disobeys Allah in His Messenger, he is indeed false, false is real. (Al-Ahzab: 36) "

2. "Faith is dihati, not on clothes". Clearly it is dihati faith. But it was a reflection of the faith visible from the behavior and appearance. If you had seen only the heart, is not dong someone prays only in his underwear, which is important because it is very khusyu prayers. And Shall judge the person wearing minimal clothing, as a believer?. After all, if someone was believed, he'll do all the commandments of God, such as the word of God over this.

3. "God has not given me guidance". Guidance would be somebody, if he did not seek. The Word of God: "Verily Allah will not change the state of a people, so they change their own circumstances." (Ar-Ra'd: 11). If someone does not want to go into the religion of Islam, though he was Muslim, the faith and ketaqwaannya would betambah, and God will add to him. The Word of God: "And the people who ask for guidance, God (will) add instructions to them, and give them ketaqwaannya". (Muhammad: 17). Are we satisfied ourselves that right now? if we had had enough with the faith that we have is that we do not want to get more guidance? whether we believe in our faith that right now we can enter heaven?. The Word of God: "Do men think that they are allowed to say:" We believe ", that they will not be tested? And verily We have tested those before them, Allah knows those who really and truly He knows people who lie ". (Al Ankabut :2-3)

4. "It's hard in finding a partner". Actually, Muslim women who wear hijab was filter or select partner or soul mate. Why? because the Muslim woman covered her soul mate would have wanted is a man of faith and obedience to understand religion, and only the faithful and obedient men who know religion and understand that wearing the hijab is obligatory for Muslim women and the faithful, then he will see if the faithful Muslim woman, since been working on these commandments. So maybe there is truth to this, Muslim women who wear hijab or not is difficult ogled men. Because not just men who are interested in them, only men will believe that to understand religion interested. And would not it be better for them. Getting a male mate believe.

5. "I still want to enjoy life, wear hijab later". Living in the world is only temporary, any pleasure in this world only for a moment, is living in the afterlife will be eternal, and joy in the afterlife will last forever. What we want to exchange something that is temporary with something that is eternal?. The Word of God: "Know that the world's real life was a game, negligence, jewelry and proud-proud of you and many racing wealth and children, like the rain that the plants amazing farmers, then become dry and you see the colors yellow, then collapsed. And in the Hereafter there shall be a hard and there is forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure. And Nor the life of the world but the pleasure of deception ". (Al-Hadid: 20). And do we know when we will die? Who knows when we'll decide to wear the hijab, suddenly our spirits lifted by Allah SWT

6. "I've been wearing the hijab (veil hijab bermodelkan)". At this time many Muslim women who were deceived by mode. Mode at the mention of this new model hijab, ie headscarf on the head with both ends tied to the neck of the wearer, without covering the chest, and combined with the long hand clothes, and some even stricter. Like the artists on tv. And they call it a veil. Is it can be said as a veil?. The word hijab comes from the Arabic, which means the clothes can be wide and close all the private parts of women. The Word of God: "Say to the believing women, they should lower his gaze and guard their honor. And do not show their ornaments except what appear thereof (such as rings). Let them cover their chests with a scarf ...."( An-Nur: 31 ). Can be seen from the word of God is, that the so-called headscarf is clothing that covers up to his chest, not just to the neck.

Muslimku sisters, no malice in this heart to deliver a bit of advice is useful if Allah wills good for the submission or to that delivered. Sorry thousand pardons, if there are mistakes or words that hurt. Maybe it occurred to what sisters say this, is the transmitter itself is male or no use for the transmitter, but instead be a burden for the delivered. Once again sorry transmitter, something that feels heavy, it will be easier if it had been used. And maybe the word of God that is the answer conveys.
"By the time, the real man truly be in loss, except those who believe and work righteous and advice, advise each other in righteousness and patience". (Al Asr :1-3)